Corporate Memberships法人会員オプション

Provide your team with more opportunities for network building and personal professional development! Options to raise corporate profile also available.

Corporate Memberships法人会員オプション

ULI Japan offers three types of Corporate Membership – Corporate Group Membership, Corporate Sustaining Membership, and Annual Conference Sponsorship.

Corporate Group Membership:

If you’re simply looking for a way to provide your employees with opportunities to build relationships and gain professional knowledge at a lower cost, this is what you need. Register 5 members or more and receive 10% off from the total membership dues. If a member leaves the company, you can simply transfer the remainder of that person’s membership to someone else within the firm. See Details


Regional Corporate Sustaining Membership:

Seeking to establish your company’s presence in throughout Asia? Corporate Sustaining Membership is designed to help your company gain recognition throughout the region. See Details

Annual Conference Sponsorship:

“Membership and logo recognition are just not enough.” This package allows you to get more involved with local council activities, and provides you with space at our annual Conferences to promote your company to over 400 industry professionals from across Japan and around the globe. Other benefits include free memberships with Council appointment, free passes to ULI Japan Annual Conferences and the ULI Fall Meeting held annually in the United States. See Details


法人でのご入会には、グループメンバーシップ、 法人継続会員、年間カンファレンススポンサーシップの3種類の会員タイプをご用意しています。








無料会員登録や企業ロゴ掲載だけでは物足らない。もっとULIジャパンの活動へ積極的な参加をお考えの際は、こちらのスポンサーシップをご利用ください。年間で400名以上の業界関係者が国内外から集う年次カンファレンスにおける企業宣伝スペースや、無料参加パス、ULIジャパンカウンシルメンバーへの登録、米国ULIミーティングへの参加パスなど、多くの特典をご用意しております。 詳細