YLG alumnus Akiko Hamanaka emcees Spring Conference 2016

Steering Committee's Patrick Bracha emcees 2015 Fall Conference

Asia Pacific YLG Summit in Hong Kong - May 2014

Panel Discussion: "Opportunities in Hospitality" - February 2015

Leadership Dinner with Hiroo Mori - April 2015

Young Women's Leadership Lunch with Nachiko Yamamoto of Gensler- October, 2014

Meet the Movers and Shakers of Japanese Real Estate - Sep. 10, 2015

Leadership Lunch with Chris Mancini, CEO, Savills Northeast Asia - April 2014

Young Leaders Groupヤング・リーダーズ

ULI encourages new professionals to become a part of the Institute early in their career so they can begin building key relationships. The Young Leaders Group (YLG) meets regularly for networking over drinks and is active in organizing events that provide opportunities to talk with and learn from central industry figures.

Young Leaders Groupヤング・リーダーズ

ULI Japan’s YLG is led by its steering committee, which is comprised of the chair, vice chair, core members, at-large members, and “alumni”, and works to plan and conduct events and undertake recruiting and promotional activities with the support of the ULI Japan office. Committee members are chosen in an annual election, but we are always on the lookout for people interested in contributing to event planning, recruiting and promotion.

We’re eager to inform as many people as we can of the value of taking part in YLG and ULI events, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of contacts that may be established and future career development.

ULI Japan’s YLG conducts a number of events each year:

  • Networking Events: At the beginning and end of each year, and the annual summer Networking Event
  • Speaker/Tour Events: Four to five times annually.
  • Leadership Lunches: A senior ULI Japan member (or in some cases someone outside the organization) serves as host, providing a simple lunch and giving a presentation to ten YLG members. Leadership Lunches provide YLG members rare opportunities to learn from and talk with senior members, are by invitation only, and are free of charge.

If you are interested in hearing more about ULI Japan’s YLG and its activities, or in potential participation in the YLG Steering Committee, please direct inquiries to the ULI Japan office. Thank you!

Steering Committee 2019


  • Shinsuke Nuriya, Crowd Realty


  • Benjamin Kehr, HJ Asset Management
  • Chiemi Parker


  • Jonathan Barber, CBRE
  • Hiroaki KatoKato Pleasure Group
  • Takashi MinouraMitsubishi Corporation
  • Takunari Shima, Blanciel
  • Tomoaki Suda, Mitsubishi Corp.- UBS Realty Inc.


  • Tim Gregersen, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Jun Saito, Pembroke Real Estate Japan




  • ネットワーキング・イベント:毎年、年初、夏、年末に開催。毎回不動産業界より70-80名程が参加します。
  • スピーカー、ツアーイベント年間2-3回開催。
  • リーダーシップ・ランチ:年間2-3回開催。ULIジャパンのシニアメンバー(又は外部の人物を招聘)がホスト役を務め、簡単な昼食を取りながら10名程のYLGメンバーに対してプレゼンテーションを行います。当イベントはYLGメンバーにとってはシニア・メンバーと交流を図る絶好の機会です。参加は無料ですが招待制となっています。

YLGとその活動の詳細、またはYLGステアリング・コミッティへの参加に関心のある方は、ULIジャパン事務局 までお問い合わせください。




  • 塗矢 眞介 株式会社クラウドリアルティ


  • ベンジャミン・ケアー HJアセット・マネージメント株式会社
  • パーカー 智恵美 


  • 加藤 宏明 カトープレジャーグループ
  • ジョナサン・バーバー シービーアールイー株式会社
  • 箕浦 隆 三菱商事株式会社
  • 島 卓成 株式会社ブランシエル
  • 須田 朋章 三菱商事・ユービーエス・リアルティ株式会社


  • ティム・グレガーセン クッシュマン・アンド・ウェイクフィールド 株式会社
  • 斎藤 潤 ペンブローク リアルエステート ジャパン、エルエルシー