• Corporate Membership法人継続会員

    ULI AP Corporate Membership Packages is for multiple people who wish to become members from the same organization or company. The Asia Pacific Corporate Membership Packages are ideal for private and public sector firms and organizations that would like to provide memberships for several employees with a mix of experience level. ULI アジア太平洋 法人継続会員パッケージは、同一法人/団体で複数名会員登録をされる場合に特別割引が受けられるお得な会員区分です。国内、アジア地域の2種類からお選びいただけます。 Read More

  • Join or Renewご入会と更新

    ULIのメンバーシップは世界共通です。会員特典は世界中どこでもご利用可能です。企業/団体パッケージや職種、年齢による割引もご用意しています。 ULI Membership is global. When you join ULI, you can enjoy the benefits of membership anywhere in the world. Corporate/Institutional packages and group discounts are available. Please contact ULI Japan office. Read More

  • ULI Case StudiesULI ケース・スタディ

    ウエブサイトは新しくなり現在はグラフィックも更新されインタラクティブマップやビデオもあります。The website has recently been completely redesigned and now features improved graphics, interactive maps, and videos. Read More

  • Fall Conference 2016フォール・カンファレンス2016

    日本やアジア太平洋の不動産業界における主要なイベントの一つです。お申込みは近日開始いたします。詳細についてはお問合せ下さい。 Join us for one of the premier real estate gatherings in Japan and the Asia Pacific. Registration will begin soon. Please contact us for details! Read More

ULI Japan Newsニュース


(English follows Japanese) 平素は格別のご理解、ご支援を賜り厚く御礼申し上げます。 この度、ULIジャパンでは新しくグループメンバーシップをご用意いたしました。 同一企業・団体から5名様以上会員登録をすると、会員費が10%オフになり、これまでできなかった企業・団体内におけるメンバーシップの譲渡が可能になりました。グループ内で満了期日を統一し、お支払いも一回にまとめることが可能です。 詳細はこちらのチラシをご覧いただくか、ULIジャパン事務局までメール(ULI.Japan@uli.org)または電話(03-5297-6132)お問い合わせください。 Thank you for your continued support of ULI Japan. We’re happy to present the new Group Membership, which will allow you to save and receive all the standard member benefits PLUS the ability to transfer membership within the … Read More

“Evolving Tokyo”

Musashi Koyama was a uniquely Tokyo neighborhood. Leave its train station, and you were immediately met with stands selling yakitori grilled-chicken skewers, standing-only bars, and tiny restaurants lovingly run by chefs devoted to their craft. Its winding alleys evoked a different age. Its shopping arcade, … Read More

ULI has moved!

The global headquarters of the Urban Land Institute is now located at: 2001 L St. NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20036 “What we have endeavored to create at 2001 L Street is a home for ULI where members and staff can work together to fulfill the ambitions … Read More

2015 Global Awards for Excellence Finalists…

Twenty-two real estate developments have been selected as finalists in the 2015 ULI Global Awards for Excellence competition. This year’s finalists represent developments from around the globe, with six in Asia, five in Europe, and eleven in North America. Visit http://uli.org/programs/awards-competitions/uli-global-award-for-excellence/past-winners/ for details!